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We have seen that the IT industry has continued to evolve, and the needs in the market have diversified and merged together with the surrounding environment in an ever changing way.

In order to meet these diversified and changing needs in the marketplace, we have been striving to stay well informed with respect to updated global market conditions. We perform ongoing analysis to identify and quantify any minor changes. These activities enable us to provide our customers with the products that incorporate the most current IT technologies, aligning to their needs.

IT plays an important role to in the reduction and minimization of energy expenditure by improving productivity. However, due to the broad expansion of IT in recent years, energy consumption by the overall IT system itself has increased, and the effort to reduce or slow the rate of this growth has become a matter of global importance.

Realizing the significance of these important issues, we wish to proactively work towards global environmental protection through the development and sales of "Global warming prevention products (Green products)”. The development of personal computer peripherals "ECO series" that limit the exhaust of CO2 by the power saving is an important step in this key area. The protection of the global environment is one of our biggest obligations, and we believe that this effort will help to sustain and maintain a blue, beautiful earth to pass on to our children.

We will continuously develop and sell a variety of "Global warming prevention products (Green Products)".in various market field, reducing the exhaust of CO2 by saving and conserving power. Additionally, we will donate a percentage of our proceeds to the benefit of a Global Environmental Protection Fund.

Corporate Profile

FoundationDecember 20th , 2005
AddressFieldthree Sotokanda Bldg.,5-3-6,Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,101-0021,JAPAN
E-mail address
CapitalJPY 50,000,000
PresidentOsamu Mihara
BankBank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Motosumiyoshi Branch )
Scope of businessDevelopment, manufacturing and sales of PC Related products and Parts
Antiquary CertificateTokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No. 305470906204